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Julie Azoulai

Julie leads Product Marketing for Fireglass. Julie has over 20 years experience in product marketing, content writing, and creating engaging end-user information for customers. Prior to joining Fireglass, Julie led digital and product marketing for an enterprise SaaS offering at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Recent Posts

Fireglass Meets Strict Security Standards to Receive ISO/IEC 27001 certification

By Julie Azoulai , Apr, 12 2017

CISOs have plenty of reasons to worry.  Malware and phishing are becoming more sophisticated, continuously...


Fireglass returns to Black Hat to present best practices for thwarting attacks from malicious documents

By Julie Azoulai , Mar, 23 2017

Documents including PDFs and MS Office files (e.g. docx, xlsx, pptx) contain countless vulnerabilities that put...